My Burden

By Blaise



The Things I Carried

1 80L Backpack

1 Extra large stuff sack for abovementioned bag

1 2L Camel bladder

1 Waterproof/windproof jacket

1 Ripped vagrant blending hoody – I’m hoping to get this patched for less than CAD$60/hr

1 Down jacket – For trekking at altitude

2 Mohair long sleeve shirts – also for hiking

1 Long johns

1 Notebook – for keeping track of expenses

1 Awful red T shirt – cotton

1 fitted grey T shirt – cotton

1 Green/purple, sequined “Pleasure Deek” climbing/disco T shirt

2 “Nice” snap button shirts – the illusion of being nice, but anything with snap buttons is probably dodgy

2 Pairs hideous shorts – happy 15 year anniversary surf shorts!

1 Pair crotch rip-able smart shorts

1 Pair trousers – cotton

1 Pair gortex hiking boots and longer than necessary laces – for self rescue off a cliff

1 Bottle leather treatment

1 Suede brush – for boots, beard, and perhaps hair


2 Packs of plackers – Thanks Natalie!

11 Earplugs

2 Cans deodorant/ flamethrowers

1 Roll painters tape for blaisewashere project

4 Pairs underwear – cotton

2 Pairs hiking socks

3 Pairs athletic socks

2 Pairs dress socks


3 Tubs lip balm

1 Pair climbing shoes

1 Pair flip flops

1 Lightweight daypack

2 Cheap looking bags – together with the ripped hoody and hideous shirts, perhaps muggers will think I’m not worth robbing

1 Black balaclava – in case I run out of money and need to become a thief

1 Pair of gloves – to keep my hands warm and leave no fingerprints

2 Bottles expired sunscreen – I looked like the guy in the movie “Powder” after applying it!

1 Bottle insect repellant – with broken sprayer, damnit!

2 Balls – for rolling

1 Foam brick – for building

2 Stretchy bands – for stretching

13 Packs of fast food salt packages – For Avocado

8 Packs of fast food pepper packets – For Abacate

6 Packs of fast food vinegar sachets – for Aguacate

1 Second hand travel pillow – unwashed

2 cuban cigars – for the summit or something

1 pair motorcycle gloves

1 headlamp

1 Opinel Knife – For killing avocados

1 folding plastic camping plate – Doubles as a cutting board.

Cameras and Electronics

The Things I wish I had Carried


No cotton clothes – I did intend to buy some, but this way I’ll make a certain special someone happy by destroying all my hideous old clothes.

Unexpired Sunscreen

A waterproof case for my camera

More pepper

More salt

More vinegar

A sink plug – for washing clothes – You did tell me Jody 🙂

Swimming costume

My Fembot outfit for carnival