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Você diz Foz do Iguaçu Yo digo cataratas del Iguazú

The falls are truly spectacular, and this comes from someone who’s seen Victoria Falls – one of the seven natural wonders of the world! The South American vertical river is lower, and the sheer power is diminished in comparison to it’s African counterpart. However, it’s the overall panoramic of almost 3km of waterfalls that is so breathtaking.

As with many articles and write-ups on the falls, I can confirm that they should really be seen from both the Brazilian and Argentinian side. I spent a day on each side, and it was enough.

The Brazilian side gives you an overview of the entire falls
The Brazilian side gives you an overview of the entire falls
While the Argentinian side gets you close to the action
While the Argentinian side gets you close to the action

While the Brazilian side has efficient and numerous comfortable buses taking you from the park entrance to the various lookouts, the Argentinian side is serviced by one toy train that only visits each stop every ½ hour. This results in long line ups with people who have no sense of lining up, or personal space. I was irritated by this, amplified, no doubt with my recent bout of illness, lack of sleep and the 1 million percent humidity.

After walking to and from the lookout to “Diablo De Gargaunta” – on the Argentinian side – there are open air showers. The water from the showers attract hundreds of brightly coloured butterflies. Adults politely splash their faces or wet their hats, while the kids and myself dove right in. I only wish I had had some soap!

BVM_7506 BVM_7525 BVM_7120 BVM_7094 BVM_7105 BVM_7113 BVM_7901

On a side note – There have been insinuations that I’ve “photoshopped” myself into the shots of me at Iguazu. Contrary to popular opinion, it is possible to take a selfie with good lighting, without pouting or holding the camera at arms length. It’s called being a professional. In an attempt to clear my name, I’ve included a conventional selfie as well as an extra crappy photo of me at the falls taken by someone else.

The controversial image
The controversial image
The curse of a photographer; never having a nice photos of themselves.
The curse of a photographer, never to have nice photos of themselves.
After the tourist botched it.
After the tourist botched it.

For those not so easily convinced, look no further than the photo of the chopsticks wrapper from the sushi place I had dinner at. Note the location!


Thankyou and apologies accepted.







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