Buenos Aires

By Blaise

I flew in to Jorge Newby airport from Puerto Iguazzu. I was surprised that the airport was right in the city of Buenos Aires.  I only needed to take a cheap colectivo – public transit bus – to get to my expensive accommodation. There was only one minor obstacle. Public transport in BA requires a tajeta azul – blue card.

It is impossible to buy one within close proximity to the airport; a convenient arrangement for the meterless taxistas.

A local suggested I offer to pay someone cash in exchange for them using their card. The first porteño I asked emphatically declined my offer of cash ……. but was glad to pay for me and return some good karma he had received in Chile.

Luck would have it that he lived close to where I needed to get off and he offered to help me find my hotel. Such is the sad world we live in, that the kindness of strangers is not wholly received without suspicion of ulterior motives. I had visions of being abducted, tortured and turned into a leather jacket. Worse though, was the thought of my camera gear being pinched!

I told him I was a writer – old school style; without a laptop. The white knuckled grip on my camera bag may have given away the fact that I was carrying something of great value.

I spent two nights in a boutique hotel called Patios de San Telmo and paid my penance for the rest of the time in a four bed dorm room in a hostel called America del Sur– Still very nice.

Whilst in the city, I went on two bicycle tours; rented and broke a bike; watched locals dance tango on  Sunday nights in Plaza Dorrego; went on a photoshoot with locals following a Candombe – traditional Uruguayan drumming –  parade; ate the best meat and ice cream I’ve ever tasted and became a tour guide for new arrivals at the hostel. I subsequently got us all lost and failed to find the cool hole in the wall sandwich/wrap shop I’d raved about. I now know it’s called “El Banco Roco” on Bolívar.


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